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Hi I came across a question asked in cfd-online discussion forum and my problem is same as that. The problem is when i am trying to use the plot over the line option in paraview either one of two things happens: 1) "Plot over line" option is not even available on the list or 2) "Plot over line" is greyed out and not a possible option. I can't find any explanation for this as it seems that this filter option is the most basic and all tutorials say to use it (although do not give advice if the option is not available). I am hoping to get some help here because i couldn't find any helpful advice in that forum. Thanks in advance Regards Subhankar

OpenFOAM 21-10-16, 10:37 a.m. SUBHANKAR
'Plot over line' option should be there in the 'Data Analysis' option in the 'Filters' drop-down menu. It should not be greyed out if there are proper simulation results available for plotting.
21-10-16, 10:52 a.m. virajbelekar

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