XCOS electric simulation does not work

In times of virtual labs, because of the pandemia, if I could use the features of XCOS in its electric modeling, I would need no other simulator, but I can't make it work.

For the simplest model it sends messages like

"sorry compiling problem"
"ilib_compile: Error while executing Makelib."

"c_pass1: build the modelica meta-block failed"

"xcos_simulate: Error during block parameters update."

I don't understand any of the modelika part, but the question is what are the requirements for it to work. One of the issues was the C compiler, but the answer to haveacompiler() is T.

I have no poblem simulating linear systems like differential equations, but I need the electric models.

I get the same message both in Windows and in Linux

I would really appreciate help in this issue.

I enclose a small picture of this very simple circuit

Scilab 12-09-20, 8:11 p.m. mchait@ucn.cl
Do the examples of electrical circuits under "Xcos Demonstration" work on your system? To access the "Xcos Demonstration", on the xcos window in the menu bar, click on the "?" icon. It will list down a few options one of which is "Xcos Demonstration".
24-09-20, 11:39 a.m. rupakrokade

I totally agree with the question, because I can't run not the simpoest simulation of an electric curcuit, with Xcos working in any other configuration.

I have successfully instaled the C compiler, thus the answe to haveacompiler() is T.

There was an answer about a xcos demostration included in the help file, but I found nothing about it.

If I had the electric simulation running, I could implement a 3 phase system. 

12-06-21, 12:40 a.m. mchait@ucn.cl

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