Sound card not working ??

I am not able to get sound both in the speaker or through a headphone

Help much appreciated



Affordable-Laptop 01-09-20, 10:19 a.m. nilesh.hiremath@gmail.com
Try restarting the laptop. If the above doesn't work, try Update-2-offline again https://ld.iitb.ac.in/Software%20Updates If still no success, then it could be an issue with hardware or some missing system files.
01-09-20, 12:06 p.m. Srikant

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You should check the connection of the audio device, it must be something wrong.

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Using a bluetooth connection is a simple and effective solution.

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Hi, maybe due to your sound. try downloading tonos de whatsapp gratis to your device and reboot
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just disable the hdmi in the control panel - sound section for a bit and it should revert back to the speakers. worked for me. Download free ringtones for your phone now

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use audio-enabled apps or reinstall the APK Mod App to make it work better

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try using an external USB sound card and check the sound by playing any media like null's clash or music or movie.. If it works, then the internal sound card is damaged. if even the USB sound card doesn't work, then the sound drivers are not working. reinstalling the drivers may work.
13-01-23, 7:17 p.m. akkia

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If your sound card is not working, there are several potential reasons for the issue. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem:
  1. Check Physical Connections: Ensure that your speakers or headphones are properly connected to the correct audio port on your computer. If you are using external speakers, make sure they are powered on and functional.
  2. Verify Volume Settings: Double-check that the volume on your computer is not muted or set too low. Look for the speaker icon in the system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) and adjust the volume settings accordingly.
  3. Device Manager (Windows):
    • Right-click on the "Start" button and select "Device Manager."
    • Locate the "Sound, video and game controllers" section.
    • Right-click on your sound card and choose "Update driver" or "Uninstall device," then restart your computer.
  4. System Preferences (Mac):
    • Go to "System Preferences" and select "Sound."
    • Check the "Output" tab to ensure the correct output device is selected.
  5. Reinstall Audio Drivers:
    • Visit the website of your computer or motherboard manufacturer and download the latest audio drivers for your system. Install the drivers and restart your computer. Snaptube
  6. Check for Software Conflicts:
    • Some third-party applications may interfere with your sound card. Try closing or uninstalling recently installed applications to see if the issue persists.
  7. Run Troubleshooters (Windows):
    • In Windows 10, you can use the built-in troubleshooters. Right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray, select "Troubleshoot sound problems," and follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Check Sound Preferences (Linux):
    • If you're using a Linux distribution, check your sound settings in the system preferences or audio mixer to ensure the correct output device is selected.
  9. Hardware Check:
    • If you have access to another set of speakers or headphones, try connecting them to see if the issue is with the audio output device.
  10. BIOS/UEFI Settings:
    • In some cases, the audio functionality may be disabled in the computer's BIOS or UEFI settings. Check these settings to ensure that the audio is enabled.
If the issue persists after trying these steps, it's possible that there may be a hardware problem with the sound card. In such cases, you may need to contact the computer manufacturer's support or consider seeking assistance from a professional technician.
16-11-23, 9:08 a.m. Michellepfeiffer

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