ERC ErrrType (3)

Dear Sir / Ma'am

i am using eSim 2.0.

I have connected PWR_FLG to GND but on checking Electrical Rule.

Again it Shows Error 3.

Pls help me to resolve this issue.

Video Name: Schematic Creation and Simulation - English

Time: 09:10

I am sending you the Snapshot Image


with regards

Vipin Kumar Tiwari

eSim 14-08-20, 12:13 a.m. vipin_tiwari
Please save the page by pressing 'Ctrl+S' and perform ERC once again. Also, check the plots used. It should be plot_V. Refer RC example present in Examples folder of eSim installer.
16-08-20, 7:43 a.m. Gloria

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