Large eddy simulation

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I am working on large eddy simulation on jet impingement cooling i have certain question please help me

1).i have made mesh using two approach in which I make mesh according to delta x and delta y and delta z and give growth ratio at deltax and delta y and another approach is near the wall I made cell of the size of kolmogrov length scale and away from wall followed deltax and delta y and deltaz. which is right

2) I am bit confused of adding bc In zero folder in openfoam like for smogranski i added B and s for wale model i am using B but how can we add ksgs and subgrid heat flux.

OpenFOAM 12-08-20, 11:04 a.m. ASHUTOSH

1) For LES, using kolmogorov length scale with constant growth of cells in inside region is always better. It gives accurate prediction of eddy.

2) For, 

  1. Wale model - You can refer a standard OprnFOAM tutorial from opt/openfoam7/tutorials/incompressible/pimpleFoam/LES/channel395

  2. Smogransky model (where you use Eddy viscosity approximation) - Setting up turbulent viscosity, pressuure & velocity will take care of rest.

3) There are some case studies available at Here. They will help you to build your case.



13-08-20, 3:33 p.m. divyesh

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