Disk space related issue

I am facing a problem that in my home folder disk space remaining is showimg less than 100 MB although I actually have kccaept less than 10 MB files in Home folder and Trash now. Also i am getting warning for low disk space.So where is 12 GB free space is getting used I don't understand and even I can not update or download any content now.So, how to get the 12 GB free space back and also is it possible to join 32 GB space with 465.8 GB Removable Media which gives me permisson to direct download to removable media?

Affordable-Laptop 18-07-20, 7:47 p.m. ABose
do sudo du -sh /* Find which directory has the most size and remove files accordingly. Mostly, the /usr will have the programs, so make sure you do
sudo apt purge <application-name> to remove the application, or you can use the software manager tool as well to do the same. You cannot join 32GB with external drive. However, if you want you can download files directly to external media, in your case 465.8 GB drive. Type mount and see if where the external drive is mounted, sudo chown -R $USER.$UESR <your external drive mount path> This should allow you to download files to external media directly from browser.
20-07-20, 1:35 p.m. Srikant

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