When will be the all design elements like tension compression etc will release in Osdag.


I have been intrested in using your OSdag application which will be very easy to understand the user interface and to design the connection.

But only connections is working other options are saying that will coming soon can we expect the full working version of this "OSDAG" software.

Osdag 15-07-20, 10:31 p.m. vrvg11

Dear Osdag User,

Thank you, for showing interest in Osdag. We also appreciate your wait for the upcoming modules.

Osdag is soon coming up with a completely revamped version, including new modules, better GUI, optimised results, more elaborated design report, various new features, etc. The upcoming release will include Tension Member design while other modules will be made available through the subsequent versions. Please keep checking the downloads page of Osdag (Osdag.fossee.in/resources/downloads) for updates.


Thank you,

Team Osdag.

16-07-20, 1:20 p.m. Osdag-admin

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