Jupyter Notebook issues with Python3

1. Why do I always have to approach from start menu and cannot run Jupyter notebook from termainal using 'jupyter notebook'?

2. Since I am previously a user of Jupyter notebook from Win-7 thorough Anaconda ver3.5, my experience of using matplotlib, numpy etc. never required any additional commands and particularly plotting and displaying plots in matplotlib never required plt show() commands in every cell in py3. Further the Jupyter notebook does not have any "save as" option under file menu. How to tackle these issues?

3. Does 'pip install' work from the terminal? If yes, how?

4. It would be very convenient if a pdf manual is prepared for this particular Debian mirror. If not possible in any way, please refer something that will help us understand this particular mirror.

Python 20-06-20, 11:58 a.m. Dipgo

In windows it is slightly tricky to add jupyter commands to console, you can try it from the linux shell if it is available in your version of windows

Plot.show() commands are required when you use the plots in a scipt, the plots that you see in Notebooks are inline plots and are displayed interactively by the Notebook

Yes pip install works in the terminal, again, it will work by default in bash terminal, in Windows you can launch an Anaconda Python Console and run pip install there

22-06-20, 7:44 p.m. ankitrj.iitb

Thanks for your response. But I must, once again, point out that from the Jupyter notebook (which just yesterday, after  I could find that it could be initiated from the terminal only by using the command 'jupyter-notebook' instead of "jupyter notebook" in addition to the start menu of the KDE->College Level Software->Programming Environments) inline plots are not displayed interactively by the notebook and plot.show() has to be used. This situation is particularly disturbing when generating multiple plots from one single cell. Please check it and provide solution to this as the problem seems to be deeper than it appears.

Thanks for your suggestions for the Win OS, but I am presently concerned with this Debian OS and the python related issues I am facing.

Once again, if you have no plans to provide any documentation for the Thinbook 1310 users who are the first users of Linux OS, at least provde some easy reference, conducive for the beginners to grasp.

22-06-20, 8:30 p.m. Dipgo

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