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Good morning sir.... Even I fallow the procedure what u told yesterday to add the components from preferences, iam not abel getting all components.

I can abel to complete first tutorial.... While doing astablemultivibrater.. esim_Led and eSim_capacitors are not available.... And also screw devices also not available.... Please guide me sir...

eSim 12-06-20, 8:36 a.m. Avinash@1998

Dear Avinash,

You need to click on "Preferences" option from the eeschema (KiCad page) top menu.

Select "Component Libraries", Click on "ADD" button. It will direct you to KiCad library located at C drive or usr/share/(ubuntu).

Select ALL (don't select any folder). Select only the lib files and press open.

Nw, to verify, click on 'Place component' option from the right toolbar in eeschema.

The list will be updated

14-06-20, 9:05 a.m. Gloria

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