Scilab memory (stacksize) issues

Hi, I am a regular but intermediate to advanced user of Scilab. I find that I am unable to run large time-series simulations due to memory issues associated with stacksize. I find this too limiting. I have an 8GB RAM laptop, so I am not very short on memory resources. I would like to be able to create variable arrays that are at least 10M (M=million) in length, and quite a few ones like that. At present I keep getting the following stacksize exceeded message(s):

stack size exceeded!
Use stacksize function to increase it.
Memory used for variables: 9010013
Intermediate memory needed: 5
Total memory available: 10000000

I have tried to use stacksize() to set it to a higher limit, but it can only go up to 30000000, which is still very insufficient. Python seems to be able to handle much more. What can I do to stay with Scilab and get around these problems? I am using Scilab 5.5.2.

Any help and tips greatly appreciated.

Scilab 10-06-20, 12:29 p.m. vvadde@gmail.com

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