Problem with dynamic link - Ubuntu

Hi, I tried to make dynamic link "Call a C function" from scilab demonstrations, but I had an error:

Calling a C function from Scilab.

!void foo(double *a,double *b,double *c) !
! !
!{ *c = *a + *b; } !

Calling ilib_for_link to build C function.
Generate a loader file
Generate a Makefile
ilib_gen_Make: Copy compilation files (Makefile*, libtool...) to TMPDIR
ilib_gen_Make: Copy foo.c to TMPDIR
ilib_gen_Make: Modification of the Makefile in TMPDIR.
Running the Makefile
at line 184 of function ilib_compile ( /home/ubuntu/Downloads/scilab-6.0.2/share/scilab/modules/dynamic_link/macros/ilib_compile.sci line 200 )
at line 104 of function ilib_for_link ( /home/ubuntu/Downloads/scilab-6.0.2/share/scilab/modules/dynamic_link/macros/ilib_for_link.sci line 118 )
at line 97 of executed file /home/ubuntu/Downloads/scilab-6.0.2/share/scilab/modules/dynamic_link/demos/call_c.sce

ilib_compile: Could not find the built library '.libs/libfoo.so'.

I noticed that is a known bug, but I can't find solution for that. I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTE. Could anyone help me please ??

Scilab 28-04-20, 12:15 a.m. Galandak.J

On this link, see the content under title "How to create a Toolbox in Scilab". It has an example code and corresponding document which explains how to call a C function from Scilab using a dynamic link.

12-05-20, 10:55 a.m. rupakrokade

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