XCOS Second Order System with Imaginary Poles "Answer given for denominator is incorrect"

Hi there,

I am experiencing a problem with XCOS where I cannot simulate a simple second order system that has imaginary poles. I am trying to add the transfer function, H(s) = k/(s^2 + 10s + k) where k = 1, 10, 100 to a CLR box with a unit step input to determine how the system will act, but it is not working, stating "

Answer given for Denominator (s)

is incorrect: %val=[[s^2+10s+k];".

How can I get past this error and utilize xcos to work with a transfer function that contains imaginary poles?


Scilab 16-04-20, 7:49 a.m. Ansollis

Oh jeez, nevermind. I found out the problem. Xcos does not know how 10s works. I needed to add a 10*s instead of 10s. Problem solved!

16-04-20, 7:57 a.m. Ansollis

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