Scilab/Xcos undefined variable


I'm trying these days to have Xcos as an alternative for matlab simulink. During creating a diagramm i often want to use variables instead of fixed values for more variation of control elements. But when I enter a variable, for example "x", the following message appears: "Answer given for Value is incorrect: Undefined variable: x.". When i define "x" as a variable in the workspace the message didn't apperead.

Is this the only way to handle variables in Xcos? Because for my workflow i prefer to do first the model and then to set the parameter in a script file. Does maybe someone knows a toolbox or a new setting or whatever?

Scilab 11-04-20, 11:03 p.m. dollety

Hello Dollety,

In order to use variables in Xcos they have to be defined in the Scilab Workspace first. This is true while creating the Xcos diagram and during its execution.


28-04-20, 11:49 a.m. rupakrokade

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