how to save a subckt

I made a subckt. I saved it is esim/src/source library but i am not able to see in component of esim-subcircuit. what mistake i am doing. I tried doing with manual but there also i am not able to find solution.

eSim 10-04-20, 12:01 p.m. lochan

you have to add that particular eSim_Subckt library to your project.

This can be done by - Preferences -> Component Library -> remove the existing eSim_Subckt library --> adding the eSim_Subckt library which you have saved your subckt in and then it will appear.

The latest version of eSim i.e. eSim 2.0 does not require all these steps. You can directly access the subckt you have created. We recommend you upgrade

14-04-20, noon Saurabhb17

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