Video editor that works on affordable laptop

Can someone suggest a video editor that works in affordable laptop. I downloaded Flowblade. It starts okay. But as soon as I add a video, the application closes.

Affordable-Laptop 30-03-20, 10:14 p.m. sethbharat

It's very difficult to run a full feature video editor on such a low power laptop.

Still, I would suggest you may try 'kdenlive' which more stable than flowblade.

Editing may not be a huge problem but previewing and final rendering needs more computing and RAM.

If you're looking for just slicing/cropping and similar lightweight tasks then you may try 'ffmpeg' command-line tool as well.

31-03-20, 12:02 a.m. Srikant

I tried kdenlive and it allowed me editing. Rendering took more than two hours for a 15 minute video.

The final mp4 video plays okay on dragon player but in vlc player I can only hear the sound but there is no movie. Only the first fram remains visible. Is there something that I may have done wrong because of which it is not playing properly in vlc player? Is it likely to play properly in Windows machines?


04-04-20, 3:21 p.m. sethbharat

The encoding might not be supported by VLC, try opensource containers such as mkv/webm, mp4 encoding are tricky and especially with such low-end machines some specific encodings may not be supported (just my guess).  

Try running the video in smplayer (which doesn't use the VLC libraries). 
You can also upload the video to youtube or similar video site and see if it works there, if so, you can then download from there which should then work in VLC(youtube re-encodes video to supported formats).

04-04-20, 3:55 p.m. Srikant

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