Executing file in other Software (FlexPDE)

Hey Guys!

I'm pretty new to working with Scilab, so here's my question for you:

I want to execute a file in a simple simulation software calles "FlexPDE" by using Scilab. So I want to give the program some input, start the .pde-file and import the ouput into Scilab.

I'm transferring a C++ code to Scilab, and in the original code it is done by using

system("C:\\FlexPDE6\\FlexPDE6 -S FlexPDE_Modelle\\Umfangsspalt_ASP.pde")

I've tried some of the commands of the directory and by using "dos" I could at least start the software


but not executing the .pde-file directly


(also not combines with the first command)

Do you have any ideas? Thanks a lot!!

Scilab 24-03-20, 6:10 p.m. KopeSteff

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