Possibility to create a process with tags connected to an OPC server.

I'm currently studying Control and Automation Engineering on a brazillian Institute of Technology and I'd like to make a project where I'd implement an automated process on a simulation environment and apply a PIMS solution to it for historical data analysis. I was told that I could not use the equipments (PLCs and didatics automated plants) that we have on our labs for it since they are restricted to usage during classes only! So I decided to go for simulations!

I was looking for a software that would allow me to generate tags based on a custom process that i could define based on transfer functions or something like that and then provide these tags via OPC server to OPC clients like a supervisory system and also the PIMS collector.

I was wondering if I could use SCILAB to simulate some process and connect it to an OPC server so that the tags that are running in SCILAB could be accessed for reading or writing via OPC.

Is it possible to do that with SCILAB?

Scilab 10-03-20, 5:24 a.m. Toltchok


It's not possible to implement OPC server in Scilab as of now. But another model based open source tool that you can opt to implement OPC server based simulation is OpenModelica. Here is the link to the tool https://openmodelica.org/.



10-03-20, 6:35 p.m. manas

Thank you for answering! I'll check openmodelica!!!

12-03-20, 3:15 a.m. Toltchok

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