I am having problems with the below code. It is a

I am having problems with the below code. It is a variation of an example listed in the optimization chapter of the Modelling and Simuation in Scilab-Scicos book (pages 109-110 & 114). I can configure the code to work for leastsq and lsqrsolve, but not fmincon from the FOSSEE Optimization toolbox.

All worked examples that call fmincon listed on the FOSSEE site run without problem. These include all 7 examples in 'documentation' plus the spring and circular tank design problems in 'examples'.

The problem has been presented to the Scilab.org comminity and the code syntax checked for potential problems. It complies with the FOSSEE toolbox syntax in both a short and long call with derivative.

How may i configure the least-squares problem to be solved with a call to fmincon?
Any help to resolve the matter would be greatly appreciated.

My system is: Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS, Intel core i5 x64-based processor, Scilab 5.5.2

Regards, Dave

function z=fun(p)
function dz=dfun(p)
function f=costf(p)
f = norm(fun(p))^2;
function g=grad(p)
g = 2*dfun(p)'*fun(p);

DAT=[0 0;0 1;1 1;2 1.5;2 2];
p0=[0 0 0];

xopt = fmincon(costf,p0,[],[])
options = list("GradObj",grad)
xopt = fmincon(costf,p0,[],[],[],[],[],[],[],options)

Scilab Toolbox Optimization Toolbox 14-01-20, 8:17 p.m. brant

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