Could anyone please help me in solving the following problem

Could anyone please help me in solving the following problem,

To control a cereal pest it is recommended to spray the cereal with a mixture of 6 units of chemical A, 10 units of chemical B and 8 units of chemical C. These ingredients are available in three pre-mixed packs: One ton of the S1 spray contains 1, 3 and 4 units of chemicals A, B and C; one ton of spray S2 contains 3 units of each chemical and one ton of spray S3 contains 2 units of A and 5 units of B. How much of each conventional spray should be used to get the exact amount of chemicals needed?

Original question is from german, the question as follows,

Eine Farm hat 3 Arten Vieh: Schafe, Ziegen und Schweine. Es gibt drei verschiedene Futtersorten: A, B und C. Jedes Schaf braucht jeden Monat 3 Einheiten vom Futter A, 7 Einheiten von B und 5 Einheiten von C. Jede Ziege braucht 4 Einheiten von A, 8 Einheiten von B und 7 Einheiten von C. Jedes Schwein verbraucht 4 Einheiten von A, 9 Einheiten von B und 6 Einheiten von C in jedem Monat. Wie viele Tiere von jeder Art kann die Farm halten, wenn jedes Monat 129 Einheiten des Futter A, 285 Einheiten von B und 210 Einheiten von C zur Verfügung stehen und alles verbraucht werden soll?

NOTE: This exercise problem is taken from the book "Übersetzung, Ergänzung und Überarbeitung des Original-MATLAB-Tutorials zu MATLAB-Version 5.3 Getting Startet With MATLAB" could you please help me in solving this problem and if you know the solutions for the other exercise problems from this book share with me kindly.
please find the attached first page of this book. If you want this book I have the pdf, I can share with you

Thank you for your help

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You should first try to formulate the problem. In any case, this is a scilab forum and it will be faster for you if you could ask scilab specific questions and not very broad domain specific questions.

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The amount of each conventional spray needed to get the exact amount of chemical will vary depending on the chemical's molecular weight and other factors. To calculate the approximate number of sprays needed, divide the desired amount of chemical by the weight (in milligrams) of the conventional spray. I also need to get Aussiessay online to complete my research paper. So for example, if you need 0.5 milliliters of a chemical with a molecular weight of 100 grams/mole, divide 0.5 by 100, which equals 5. Therefore, you would need to use 5 conventional sprays to get 0.5 milliliters of that particular chemical.
21-12-21, 1:17 p.m. KianThomson

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