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Hi, i am solving flow past a cylinder(of infinite length) in a channel. Although the mesh for flow past cylinder is discussed nicely in the tutorial, but i need to know how to number the blocks and the vertices. I have read the user guide but couldn't follow it. Can you explain? Also to solve an entire new problem what are the steps to follow and the files that i have to write. Sorry for asking these trivial questions. I am newbie to openFoam as well as to linux environment.

OpenFOAM 14-06-16, 9:36 a.m. SUBHANKAR
Hi Subhankar,

Thanks for the query. To start writing a blockMeshDict file it would be better if you can follow a video tutorial rather than read one. To get a more clear idea you can go through the spoken tutorials on OpenFOAM here: (http://spoken-tutorial.org/). You would also find a example on 2-D flow over a cylinder here.

Now coming to solving a problem in OpenFOAM basically requires 3 main folders:
1. 0 folder- containing initial conditions of the flow like pressure, velocity, temperature, etc
2. constant folder-containing geometry file and some transport properties of the flow like viscosity, etc
3. system folder- contains the time details for running the iterations as well as the schemes which are followed to solve the respective problem.
The details on each folder changes depending upon the problem statement. You can follow the spoken tutorials mentioned above to get a more clear idea regarding this. Also you can go through the codes of some of the in built tutorial files provided along with the OpenFOAM toolkit to clear your doubts.

Do let me know if you have any other query regarding this.

Subhasree Basu
CFD Team, Fossee,
IIT Bombay

14-06-16, 10:21 a.m. Subhasree
Hi subhasree,
thanx for the help. I couldn't get the way the blocks are numbered although its mentioned in the user guide. The direction and the local coordinate axis puzzles me.
Thanks in advanceĀ 

23-06-16, 10:31 a.m. SUBHANKAR
Hi Subhankar,

In that case I would suggest you to go through a simple example like a rectangular box to understand it more clearly.

02-08-16, 5:24 p.m. Subhasree

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