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I have written the user defined function in seperate .sci file. Now, when I run my .sce file, error occurs at the line where the function is called and it tells the function name as the undefined variable. How to run the .sce file when a function is writen in a seperate .sci file. I also kept both the files in the same folder.

What is the formet to do this.?

Thank you.

Scilab 18-11-19, 6:32 p.m. Keerthi_vasan

You will have to first make the functions in the .sci file available. For example, if you have defined your functions inmyfunctions,sci, run this command:


You will have to do this once for every .sci file. The name of the .sci file need not match the name of the functions in it. There can be several functions in one .sci file.

28-11-19, 2:56 p.m. sunilshetye

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