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Dear sir, I am new with this software, and not able to create a compound "Glucose". Always clicking on "Save compound to database" a popup box appear messaging that "Error saving component to database. The process cannot access the file----(file name)-- because its being used by another process". Please suggest some way, so that i able to create a compound. Thanking You Akash

DWSIM 26-05-16, 5:26 p.m. akashbt
Hi Akash, instead of adding the compound to default databases(chemsep or DWSIM), try creating a new database. You can do this by clicking on the create new button in the compound creator window. Just give an appropriate name to your database. It will be saved in xml format. Now add your compound to this new database you have created. Once this process is done. Restart Dwsim go to Settings->General Settings->databases click onadd user database. Locate your new database file (.xml) and add it. The next time when you start DWSIM you will find your compound in the general list of compounds.
09-06-16, 1:48 p.m. Rahul_Jain

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