What i am wanting to do is simple but I just

What i am wanting to do is simple but I just can't get it to work. Basically I am reading values from a ToF (time of flight (basically distance measuring)) sensor on the arduino and I want to use these values in code I already have in matlab.

I have two solutions, either create the code for reading the sensor in matlab (I have looked everywhere online an cant find a matlab version, however, could find python and arduino code). The issue with this is I genuinely have no idea how to do this so it would be very difficult to do so.

The other solution is to try to read the values from the arduino software in matlab and then use these figures to do what I want. This is the solution I have attempted however, the code which I have been using seems to not display the expected values.

Scilab-Arduino 09-10-19, 11:15 p.m. BintuGomes

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