plot doesn't work

x = [0:0.01:2*%pi];


gives :

Indice invalide.

--> plot(t)
à la ligne 39 de la fonction modulo ( C:\Program Files\scilab-6.0.2\modules\elementary_functions\macros\modulo.sci ligne 54 )
à la ligne 80 de la fonction plot ( C:\PROGRA~1\SCILAB~1.2\modules\graphics\macros\plot.sci ligne 93 )

Can anyone be so kind to tell me why scilab crashes here ?

thks in advance

Scilab 30-09-19, 1:42 p.m. toto1

We are not getting the same error. The plot works correctly. Here are some possibilities for you:

1. Mismatch in variables: Though the program shows plot(x), the error message reads plot(t). Please check if the same variable is being used at both places.

2. Check the value of x. See if it is a big array of 629 entries. You could also run:

--> size(x)
ans =

1. 629.

Hope that helps.

10-12-19, 3:50 p.m. sunilshetye

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