Sir, Since i am new to openfoam i tried to simulate the 1st tutorial on lid driven cavity. But i am getting different results from that shown in the tutorial video. My run time and execution time are showing significantly less. Also i am not getting options such as plot over line in the data analysis option in the filter menu. Actually the option had come first and i plotted the U and p profile,but subsequently when i try to plot the same after making some changes in the controlDict and BlockMeshDict i am not able to get the above mentioned option. Plese help here. I also want to know the working pattern of openfoam like how it is reading blockMeshDict , contolDict,how to write these files. Please can you share a video concerning this so that we can solve new problems which are not given in the tutorial videos? If you have made any such video ca you please share the link here, because i couldn't find that.

OpenFOAM 15-05-16, 9:49 a.m. SUBHANKAR
Dear Subhankar,

Kindly elaborate more on how the results you are getting are different. What do you exactly mean by run time and execution time? What changes did you make in the controlDict and blockMeshDict file?

Which version of OpenFOAM and ParaView are you using? 

As a beginner, I think you should start learning from the in-build case files given in OpenFOAM within tutorial folder. You can simply run the icoFoam solver for this case without making any changes in the case file. The spoken tutorials prepared in context to the lid driven cavity explains the example well and how the case file works. Please go through the tutorials from the beginning and follow it step by step to get a basic ideas about how a simulations is created in OpenFOAM. You may also go through this  link: Lid driven cavity for more insight into this problem. Since, In OpenFOAM, every problem is case specific it is very difficult to build a tutorial on writing the files. But you can always go through the documentation: OpenFOAM user guide to get some initial perception. 

Subhasree Basu
CFD Team, Fossee,
IIT Bombay

16-05-16, 11:28 a.m. Subhasree
Thanks for the reply. I am using ubuntu version 16.0.4 ,openFoam 3.0.1, paraview 4.4.0. My execution time for lid driven cavity(1st tutorial) is showing  around 2 secs. But in the video it is showing around 16 sec although the time upto which icoFoam is solving is same in both cases. Another problem i am facing  while running the turbulent lid driven cavity problem is i am not getting any RASProperties in the constant folder.Plz help

21-05-16, 10:55 a.m. SUBHANKAR

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Hi Subhankar,

You can go through these tutorials (weblink below) \r\nand can understand how you can change different parameters in different \r\nfolders and files on your own to run your own simulation and to get the \r\nresults of your desire.


With reagrds,
Anirban Mondal
Mechanical Dept.
17-05-16, 4:18 p.m. anirbanmondal93


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