esim application to electrical engineering

in what aspects can we use esim to electrical circuits , Give examp

eSim 21-09-19, 9:37 a.m. g.srinivas

esim issimilar to psim and can be used to all electrical circuits

21-09-19, 9:38 a.m. g.srinivas
Apart from HVDC and power systems, we have support of most of the functionality

21-09-19, 9:42 a.m. Saurabhb17

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For designing controller circuits for electrical machines and motors, eSim can be used. We have support for basic semiconductor devices like mosfets, jfets; power devices as SCR. You can simulate driver ICs by using advanced features like Subcircuit Builder and Model builder of eSim.

21-09-19, 9:41 a.m. Saurabhb17

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