Dear all, i recently joined this forum. I am going to do my mtech thesis work using openfoam. But i am having trouble in installing it in windows. It is always showing an error. I have un-installed (completely) and again installed the same numerous times, but the problem persists. Also I want to know the advantages of working openfoam in windows over ubuntu? Like if i don't have to go through the command line method in windows or some user-friendly aspects in windows.

OpenFOAM 10-05-16, 2:05 p.m. SUBHANKAR
Hi Subhankar,

1. We would be in a better position to answer your question if you post the error that you get in windows installation of OpenFOAM.

2. There are several advantages of working in Ubuntu over windows :

- Even while using  windows you will still have to run the simulation using command terminal. So why not use Ubuntu

- All the functionalities that are available in windows are easily available in Ubuntu

- OpenFOAM is best learnt while working in Ubuntu ( personal experience)

- Learning Linux helps you lot  in  academia as well as getting job industry.

10-05-16, 2:23 p.m. rahuljoshi

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