How to add a Component Splitter

How do I add a component splitter in DW Sim, the one similar to HYSYS? I mean, in HYSYS, we'll be able to add a component splitter by specifying components concentration in top and bottom streams without having to specify condenser and reboiler duties, individual tray specifications etc. I want to add a similar object in DW Sim. Splitter doesn't work for me as I vl not be able to mention components concentration in top and bottom outlet streams. Please help.

DWSIM 17-09-19, 7:50 p.m. phani4cts

use component separator for that.

It gives you the wide verity of option to separate your selected stream
For more detail understanding please go through any Textbook companion.

go through the example 4.7(may be it is usefull for you)

25-09-19, 7:29 p.m. mehul09

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