Choosing appropriate boundary conditions for turbulent quantities

Hi all,

I have preliminary knowledge about turbulence modeling. Currently, I am trying to reproduce a result.
"Natural convection flow along a heated vertical plate"

Please have a look in the picture attached here. Everything is fine when dealing with laminar flow. But the problem arises when I try to introduce turbulence the simulation crushed. I can understand this may be because of applying the wrong BC of turbulence modeling. As I said before, I am like new in turbulence modeling. In my model, a heated plate is placed just middle of an external domain. The external domain should behave like atmosphere. In order to solve the problem, I am using buoyantPimpleFoam (k-epsilon) (solver of OpenFOAM 3.0.1). Can anyone suggest me what will be the realistic atmospheric BC for this problem? I am continuously struggling with that. This might be a simple solution for someone. Anyways, please comment or give me any thread that will help me to solve this problem.

Note that: Picture attached here for the laminar case.


OpenFOAM 13-08-19, 7:24 a.m. razon131211


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