Ki- Ng conversion is not happening and the plot files .V files are not available after creating .cir file


Please answer asap kindly the needful

* C:\Users\user\eSim-Workspace\a\a.cir

* EESchema Netlist Version 1.1 (Spice format) creation date: 08/12/19 22:11:40

* To exclude a component from the Spice Netlist add [Spice_Netlist_Enabled] user FIELD set to: N

* To reorder the component spice node sequence add [Spice_Node_Sequence] user FIELD and define sequence: 2,1,0

* Sheet Name: /

Q1 Net-_Q1-Pad1_ Net-_Q1-Pad2_ GND eSim_NPN

I1 Net-_I1-Pad1_ GND dc

v1 Net-_R2-Pad2_ GND DC

R1 Net-_I1-Pad1_ Net-_R1-Pad2_ 100k

R2 Net-_Q1-Pad1_ Net-_R2-Pad2_ 1k

U1 Net-_R1-Pad2_ Net-_Q1-Pad2_ plot_v2

U2 Net-_Q1-Pad2_ GND plot_v2


eSim 12-08-19, 10:45 p.m. anupamashetter@gmail.com

Please use plot_v2 or plot_i for plotting the current

13-08-19, 8:21 a.m. Gloria

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