failure of some of the simulations of "demo" in XCOS

I am using SCILAB (6.0.2)(64 bit). While running the simulation of the "demos" in XCOS some of the demos are working properly but most of the "demos" are giving the same error. "Standard demo and control systems" these two can be simulated without error.

While simulating error given is :

Modelica blocks are reduced to a block with:

Number of differential states: 2

Number of algebraic states: 1

Number of discrete time states : 0

Number of zero-crossing surfaces: 0

Number of modes : 0

Number of inputs : 0

Number of outputs: 2

Input/output dependency:[T]

Analytical Jacobian: enabled (%Jacobian=%t)

Parameter embedding mode: enabled (%Modelica_ParEmb=%t)

Generated files path: C:\Users\Anshuman\AppData\Local\Temp\SCI_TMP_4564_4025\

Scilab 03-08-19, 10:21 a.m. shweta

From the messages:

/usr/bin/sh: del: command not found

This means that though you are on a windows platform, the shell configured is /usr/bin/sh (i.e. a unix shell).

There is no fixed solution for this. I suggest that you take the help of a system administrator to fix this. Please check possible solutions below:

1. Have you downloaded the source code and compiled it? In that case, you will have to check if the compilation process is preferring /usr/bin/sh over the windows command interpreter.

2. Is SHELL set on your system? You may want to check if SHELL is pointing to /usr/bin/sh and not a windows command interpreter.

3. If you are not using /usr/bin/sh, I suggest you remove the package containing it completely and trying again.

4. If you prefer the unix environment, I suggest that you use unix environment for the build process and then start it in that environment only.

09-08-19, 4:26 p.m. sunilshetye

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