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How would i add vegetable oil and nickel in my process?this chemicals are not dound in my DWSIM database.Also which thermodynamc property are used in hydrodeoxygentaion reaction?

DWSIM 28-07-19, 11:40 p.m. @azharmohd

Hello AZHAR;
Vegetable oil are a mixture of so many different kinds of carbonic chain compounds, which can not be directly added to the DWSIM; You have to add all that compounds separately and define the material stream as per material stream fraction. If any compounds are not present then you have to create a new compound for those particular compounds and then add to the flowsheet and continue. (Simply you have to create your own database for your process).

For thermodynamics property, it depends on your process consideration, Hense vegetable oil is long-chain hydrocarbon liquid, lee-Kesler-ploker do best.
for more visit: http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/wiki/index.php?title=Property_Package_Selection

Nickel work as a catalyst; so, you must define reaction rate accordingly, there is no need to add the nickel in the flowsheet.

31-08-19, 5:28 p.m. mehul09

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