Creating component hypothetically

I am facing little problem in Creating component hypothetically. Infect I am able to create it but unable to add it to library. If anyone can kindly help in doing so. Also regressing BIP is a problem. If anyone can help or provide tutorial on the same

DWSIM 22-04-16, 2:52 p.m. krunal
You can go to new compound creator study, then create your own database using the Create New option. A new xml file will be created. After than you can create the new compound by entering the required properties. Then click on the option Save compound to the database and then save the simulation. Now go to settings-->general settings-->Datasets and click on Add User database. Search the xml file for the new database you have created and add it. The next time you start DWSIM you will find the compound. Alternately you can add the compound to an existing database like Chemsep or DWSIM. The procedure is same except that in the new compound creator study instead of creating a new database click on Search and select the xml file for the database (chemsep.xml or DWSIM.xml) which will be there in DWSIM's installed folder.
13-05-16, 2:20 p.m. Rahul_Jain
I am unable to add hypo component. I am getting error message. After entering Molecular Weight, Constant properties, I'm having problem how to enter Density in the Temp Dependent Properties, as it is having 3 options like Estimate (Rackett), Regress Experimental Data, Equation Coefficients. By any of these means, I'm unable to add the hypo compound. Please help.

16-09-19, 5:47 p.m. phani4cts

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The logic for creating new compounds is a little complicated, I know. The purpose is to allow the user to have multiple databases of its own (the "XML" files), and the "dwcsd" files which will contain the data for each single compound created. This way the user can use the compound creator to edit the data for a previous added compound by opening the "dwcsd" file and then re-adding the compound to the database once he/she finished the editing process.

16-05-16, 7:42 p.m. DanWBR

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