ki-Ng convertion not happening

After clicking the Ki-Ng converter tab> filled the transient values and source details and Device Modeling aswell. ater this when i click on convert nothing is happening.

eSim 27-07-19, 1:48 p.m. chalapathirajuk

Possible scenarios:

1) You have assigned a Diode spice file (file has the extension .lib) to a Transistor or vice versa.

2) The value of the components present in the schematic are entered in the wrong format

example : For a resistor, 56k is a valid value, 56 k will generate an error. There should be no space between the numeric value and the letter following it.

For a capacitor, 47u is a valid entry for 47 microfarads, however declaring the value as 47uf or 47UF is not accepted.

For DC source details, you need to enter only the numeric value -> Entering 9 in the source details tab will make your DC source of 9 volts. entering the value as 9V or 9V DC is again an invalid entry.

27-07-19, 9:57 p.m. Saurabhb17

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