simulation output is not getting

simulation is not getting proper answer

eSim 27-07-19, 1:25 p.m. anoop.eg

please post the cir.out file

27-07-19, 1:48 p.m. Saurabhb17
* C:\Users\ADMIN\eSim-Workspace\multi\multi.cir

* EESchema Netlist Version 1.1 (Spice format) creation date: 27-Jul-19 1:36:34 PM

* To exclude a component from the Spice Netlist add [Spice_Netlist_Enabled] user FIELD set to: N
* To reorder the component spice node sequence add [Spice_Node_Sequence] user FIELD and define sequence: 2,1,0

* Sheet Name: /
Q2  Out2 Net-_C1-Pad2_ GND eSim_NPN
Q1  out1 Net-_C2-Pad2_ GND eSim_NPN
R1  Vin Net-_D1-Pad1_ 1K
R2  Vin Net-_C1-Pad2_ 68 k
R3  Vin Net-_C2-Pad2_ 68 k
R4  Vin Net-_D2-Pad1_ 1K
D1  Net-_D1-Pad1_ out1 eSim_LED
D2  Net-_D2-Pad1_ Out2 eSim_LED
C1  out1 Net-_C1-Pad2_ 22u
C2  Out2 Net-_C2-Pad2_ 22u
U5  Out2 plot_v1
U1  out1 plot_v1
v1  Vin GND 9V
U3  Vin plot_v1


27-07-19, 1:53 p.m. anoop.eg

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