eSim Eeschema Diode component problem.


The diode component from eSim_Devices Eeschema library have changed pin numbers in comparison to kicad Device lib.
The diode draw cathode is named as K and his pin number is 2, while diode anode is named as A and have pin number 1. In the KiCad Device Lib K is numbered as 1 and A as 2. Also the draw is Y mirrored.

This may not seems to be a problem because you would use eSim devices to simulate a circuit only. But KiCad has a problem with duplicated names in different libs. In my case, I had used an already prepared hierarchical sheet in a new board which the components should be updated. KiCad assimilate my diodes to eSim_Devices  D and all the footprints in my board (which use KiCad lib diode numeration) went reversed.

I think that ngspice use pin 1 as anode and pin 2 as cathode, so simply invert the component pins would not be possible, and also the diodes should be named as D.

What can we do? Maybe it can be solve in kicad to ngspice converter?

eSim 24-03-16, 2:49 a.m. Winderson
Dear Winderson,

We have created our own component in Kicad for simulation in ngspice. The reason is there are few components in Kicad whose netlist generation are not in order with that of ngspice. 

In our earlier version(OSCAD), We were doing mapping in Kicad to Ngspice converter for all such component whose netlist are not in order with ngspice but that was not great solution because if Kicad people change the netlist format then again we have to redo the mapping in our source code 

I would suggest you to use Kicad's own component for PCB designing and for simulation you can use eSim's component.

Hope this answer your query.
24-03-16, 11:09 a.m. fahim
Greetings Fahim,
I see that there is no simply and good solution for this.
Tank you for replying,

24-03-16, 5:02 p.m. Winderson

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