CvPCB does not read Footprints

sir i tried several methods of getting the librarires of Footprints but still getting the error

IO_ERROR: http GET command failed

Because of which I am unable to edit footprint for the component.\

kindly Help.

eSim 10-07-19, 4:17 p.m. madhurak
When Cvpcb is launched, it fetches footprints and other modules from the internet. Depending on your internet connection speed, it will take time. The screen will turn grey for a while, once information is fetched, Cvpcb window will open up.

It has to download huge chunk of data for the first time so its natural to take 20 mins or more to load the Cvpcb window.
10-07-19, 5:28 p.m. Saurabhb17

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