Damped audio through speakers and headphone

The audio through speakers are damped, unable to set them to high volume without distortion. 

Also, sometimes audio doesn't come from speakers at all. 

FOSSEE Laptop 26-03-15, 10:52 a.m. Srikant
Please perform the following steps :

1) Open Terminal on netbook (click the destop icon, or do Ctrl+Alt+t)
2) Type alsamixer, when open navigate using left/right arrow keys
3) Changed the alsamixer setting:
    1. Locate & press 'm' to change Left CLD mixer DACL to Left CLD mixer DACL [Off]

    2. Similarly navigate to right, press 'm' to change Right CLD mixer DACR to RightCLD mixer DACR [Off]

    3. Navigate to left, locate Output Boost,use down arrow key to make the value to 50

If audio doesn't come from speaker(in few cases), you may try the following:
1) Try playing an audio/video file and keep the volume levels moderate
2) Connect and disconnect headphone to netbook

Your audio through speakers may work with the above steps, if not, there could be other issues, please report your issue as a new question. 

26-03-15, 11:38 a.m. Srikant

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