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Rigorous Distillation

I am trying to simulate a rigorous column distillation for benzene-toluene mixture.But when i specify Reboiler specification as Compound Fraction in product stream (toluene = .985).I get the error that "Bubble Point method of Wang and Henke doesn't support the defined specifications. Please use the IO method for full specification support".

What I understand from this error is that I can't specify product composition for Rigorous column distillation and instead I have to specify bottom product molar flow or any other option for Reboiler. But in a video tutorial I have seen the instructor specifying product composition for Reboiler with Wang and Henke method and his simulation works.
Please if someone can clarify the meaning of error.
Thank you.
P.S- I am new to process simulation

DWSIM 12-01-18, 11:31 a.m. Divyansh_Raka


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