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How to Create Baffles in Geometry

I was trying to create baffles inside a rectangular box. I went through other tutorials in OpenFOAM. Sometimes, they are creating baffles by defining the regions or zones in topoSetDict and using those zones to create baffles. As I am new to OpenFOAM, I am finding it difficult to understand why they are creating cellSet or cellZones and from that , they are creating faceSet and faceZones. Sometimes, they are using STL files inside createBafflesDict. And Sometimes, they are defining the faceZone in snappHexMeshDict. Can you please help me how can i learn it with ease? I have tried almost everything and still couldn't find a way to create it. Thank you. Regards, Ankur

OpenFOAM 17-05-17, 3:47 p.m. ankur_garg


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