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scilab simulation error 21; Invalid index.

Hello All,

I have been very confused because of facing with errors while run my scilab modeling codes, as follow:

[p_opt, fobj_p_opt,np_init, fobj_p_init] = optim_gourguet(Gbis_aleas2, PopSize, Nb_iter, Proba_mut,Proba_cross, Log, ga_params);

optim_gourguet: Initialization of the population

!--error 21

Invalid index.

at line 8 of function FF_aleas_bis called by:

at line 4 of function G_aleas2 called by :

at line 4 of function sg_f called by :

at line 2 of function _sg_f called by :

at line 53 of function optim_gourguet called by:

Nb_iter, Proba_mut, Proba_cross, Log,ga_params)

The mentioned scilab files were attached by following link:

I am Ph.D. candidate and these codes belong to my research. executing the models are so necessary because of limited time of my dissertation.

Scilab version 5.5.2 have been used.

I am very grateful in advance.

Best Regards


Scilab 18-03-17, 1:46 p.m. adiblhf



The links you've shared don't work any more. Invalid index error occurs when an element that does not exist in the matrix is being accessed.

21-03-17, 2:42 p.m. shamika

Thanks very much for considerations.

The modified links of related files were attached again.

21-03-17, 6:06 p.m. adiblhf

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